4 Ways That Technology Is Change The Law Business Sector

4 Ways That Technology Is Change The Law Business Sector

4 Ways That Technology Is Change The Law Business Sector

The legal sector has always been a profession that is known for being traditionalists and cautious about change. As a result of the constant disruption, as new technological advancements have taken over almost every industry, it has now become a pressing topic within the legal sector. This is mainly because law firms so often fall behind the evolving changes, leaving tech giants to make up their own rules, or offer a squinted interpretation of existing laws. So let’s take a look at how it’s affected some of the law industries…

Online Immigration

Following Brexit, concentration on immigration has never been higher. Thankfully, despite it behind somewhat behind over recent years, the UK’s constantly changing immigration system is now showing signs of improvement due to the rise of technology. Following the EU referendum vote, a total of 3.5 million EEA nationals were left to worry over their fate. In all the panic, those offering an immigration service were inundated with enquires for support and advice. As a proactive action to streamline the process, the Home Office was trialling an online application process to replace the gruelling 85-page printed application that was previously used. As immigration continues to be up the air, the appeals system is set for more and more appeals as the future of immigrants hangs in the balance. With this final set forward in accepting tech, it is a logic and well needed from to bring the application process into the 21st century.

Medical Treatment Abroad

With cosmetic surgery showing no signs of slowing down and a huge trend we’ve seen this year is people seeking surgery abroad, which has resulted in an interesting quirk for medical negligence claims. So you’re probably wondering how technology led to this? Well, it’s a way you wouldn’t think! As flight and hotel comparison websites have vastly dropped down the cost of flights, it has resulted in millions of people taking advantage of cheap deals. This had had a knock on effect for those wishing to go under the knife as, at a much lower cost, they can pop abroad to get the treatment they want. This has led to an influx in claims for highly specialised cosmetic surgery negligence cases due to the fact that patients are being left unhappy with their procedures. This is not always the case but it is cheaper for a reason, and with less red tape in foreign medical practices, people aren’t receiving the look they want, ultimately causing a massive rise in overseas solicitor claims.

The Computerised Divorce

We can now say goodbye to the time when good-natured and straightforward divorces must go through the bog standard proceedings as the messy, back-and-forth kind. For couples where time is of the essence, who are basically looking for a dissolution of their marriage, the computerised DIY divorce is now a viable option to reduce paperwork and legal costs. Provided both of the concerned parties can agree on the terms, the online revolution of this proceeding now means that a divorce can be completed in under two months. So for those couples who want a quick end to their troubles, technology has sped the whole thing up for them, streamlining the process and saving lawyers massive amounts of hours.

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