Home Office Lighting: The Essentials

Home Office Lighting: The Essentials

In the light of the fact that more and more people are working from home, home office decoration is a topic that is increasingly interesting for quite some time now. There are several categories that need to be covered in order to achieve a fruitful home office environment and lighting surely is one of those elements that strongly influence both aesthetics and productivity of a home office. Bearing this in mind, let us discuss the essentials of home office lighting.

Nothing Beats the Sun

When deciding on which is the best spot in the house for a home office, always pick the one that has the most natural light. It is a well-known fact that natural light is beneficial for productivity and an important feature of a positive working environment. Therefore, make sure your home office includes a window. Do not worry if it is too bright or too hot during the summer, you can always shade it a bit. Bear in mind that you will use the office all year long and having sufficient natural light in all other seasons will more than compensate for occasional summertime hassle.

Home Office Lighting: The Essentials

Leave No Corners Shaded

Having multiple sources of light available proved to be very useful, especially during long winter nights and gloomy autumn rainy days when you need all the help you can get to cover all dark spots in your home office and make the atmosphere better. This is especially true for any corners that tend to be forgotten. The best solution for them are floor lamps. Probably the smartest thing to do is to shop for them online, as the multitude of offer guarantees you will be able to find the one(s) that will meet your requirements perfectly, advise Sydney-based vendors of floor lamps.

Ceiling Light Fixture

Although interior designers lately tend to omit central light fixture, it is strongly advisable to have one in your home office. The primary reason for this is their practicality and universal application. They provide sufficient light for most of business requirements and at the same time are able to reinstate your home office into a regular part of your home when working hours are over. On top of that, if you opt for a dimmable option, you will be able to adapt it to any requirement possible, home or business related.

Home Office Lighting: The Essentials

Desk Lights

As it was said before, any area of your home office should be covered with sufficient light. This is especially true for your home office desk, particularly if it is the center of your business actions. Having a super strong ceiling light will not solve the problem, it will only make it worse since it usually creates shades on the desk. A proper desk lamp provides direct light of adequate luminosity, not to bright and not to dim. If desk clutter is an issue, pendant light right above the desk would be a better solution. In any case, make sure you study the following paragraph on proper light bulb choice in detail.

Light Bulb Choice

The proper choice of lamps and suitable positioning will have no effect if the light bulbs used are not chosen adequately. What is more, the wrong choice may ruin all the efforts previously made. For example, if you put a spot light bulb in your ceiling fixture it will not sufficiently illuminate the entire room area but rather focus on the centered spot, just like the name says. On the other hand, using a wide spread light bulb in your table lamp will provide an opposite effect of the one you wish for. Also, when making a choice on the type of light bulb you will use, make sure you consider energy efficient ones. Take the opportunity to help the environment and save at the same time.

By covering these home office light essentials you will surely provide a suitable solution for your home office and enjoy all the benefits a quality chosen light solutions bring. Pay attention to aesthetics and functionality equally, since once the lights are out your home office becomes a regular part of your home

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